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Fortran Model to PI

Question asked by ayu Employee on Aug 29, 2017


Thanks to everyone who replied to my previous post about integrating a FORTRAN model to PI. So I was able to get more information about how the FORTRAN model worked and wanted to reopen the question.

The current setup is there is an Excel macro that takes initial (hardcoded) parameters and generates a formatted .DAT file. Eventually the data for the .DAT file would be data that comes from a PI Event Frame.

The .DAT file is then fed to the FORTRAN executable which then generates an output .DAT file. I was thinking of using the UFL interface to get the output data back into PI as future data. What is recommended for getting data out of

out of event frames to be formatted and fed to the executable? For the time being, I am considering PI Notifications or PI Web API. Thanks.