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custom  AFDataReference settings enabled with view rights

Discussion created by Eiko Willemsen on Nov 30, 2011
Latest reply on Jan 9, 2012 by MvanderVeeken
Hello, We are using a custom DataReference in AF that uses a dialog to configure the datareference. This dialog opens when the settings button is clicked. After configuring the DataReference of an attribute, the configuration is saved in a json string. Our functional engineers should have the ability to click on the settings button and view the configured settings but must have no rights to edit these settings. Users with only view rights cannot click the settings button so the functional engineers now must have edit rights to view the settings. But now they are also able to edit attributes wich should not be allowed. Is there a way to enable this settings button for users with only view rights? I can validate user rights in the dialog so disabling controls can be handled here. regards, Jeroen Gelderman