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What make my Performance Counter interface stopped?

Question asked by hoongfh on Aug 30, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 6, 2017 by ykanawati

Hi All,


I have created a PI interface for Performance Monitor instance to monitor the status of my PI Server machine. Everything looks fine except the PI interface for Performance Monitor instance stopped when i created the following parameter from PI SMT -> IT Points -> Performance counters:


\\<PI Server machine hostname>\Processor Information(_Total)\% Processor Utility


This is the error that we observed from the PI message log.


We have tried to perform the following. However, it doesn't help:

1. Created a new scan class and assigned the above performance counter the new scan class.

2. Created a new instance and assigned only the above performance counter to the new instance.

3. Granted the PI interface for performance counter services administrator right.

4. Rename to \\<PI Server IP address>\Processor Information(_Total)\% Processor Utility in exdesc.


What else am i missing? Thanks in advance.


For your information, the version that we used is V2.1.0.88.