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AF Client Time Zone Versus PI Data Archive Time Zone

Question asked by TimCarmichael Champion on Aug 30, 2017
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We have an AF server with Asset Analytics that is processing calculations for 7 different PI servers.

Of those 7 servers, 5 observe Daylight Savings Time, 2 are always in Eastern Standard Time.

An application using the PI-OLEDB driver is pulling data through the AF server from the 2 PI servers that are always on EST.

The data extracted has a date/time in DST, which is causing an issue for data validation.

So... is there a setting in AF comparable to the Client Time Zone / PI Data Archive Time Zone setting in PI-Datalink?

Is there such a setting in the PI-OLEDB driver?

If the data is pulled with PI-OLEDB, how is the time zone determined?


Or... do I simply need to tell the people pulling the data they will have to adjust for DST / EST on their end?