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Find a timestamp when tag was equal to value in PI Process Book 2012

Question asked by StuartJolley on Aug 29, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 30, 2017 by JánosPetró

hi, we've added valve travel times into our PI data historian system for both open and closed direction and we display the value within a PI Process Book graphic.

The value remains at the last travel time and is only reset to 0 at the start of the next valve movement.

I would also like to display next to the travel time parameter the timestamp when the valve last travelled, so the last time the tag was 0.

Could anyone please assist with what the PI performance equation would look like if this is possible. I know there's the FindEQ function but I believe this finds the first instant, not the last instant within a given time range, and the time range could be weeks or months.