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How To Configure Attribute to Get Referenced Element Attribute TimeSeries Data

Question asked by MBanchuzhnyy on Aug 31, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 5, 2017 by MBanchuzhnyy

Hi community,


To explain my question I created the following tree in AF. 'ElementA' element has attribute 'Station', where we have element reference to the 'StationA' element which lives in Stations collector:


'StationA' has attribute 'Data' with pi point reference:


As you can see 'ElementA' has 'GroupA' element which has 'Child' element. 'Child' element has 'Attribute1' attribute:




What we are trying to do is to properly set up Attribute1 of Child element (straight or through template is preferable), so that it gets value (not only snapshot but access to timeseries) of StationA.Data attribute. First of all it should get information of what station needs to be taken from Stations collector (through ElementA.Station attribute), and then it should get value of Data attribute.


Thank you!