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Suspending PI Datalink Calls When Server is Down?

Question asked by CMSorensen on Sep 1, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 8, 2017 by CMSorensen

I am relatively new to PI Datalink but have years of Excel and VBA experience...


How do I temporarily stop calls and communications with the PI Datalink server?  I need to do this while I do other programming in the spreadsheet that has nothing to do with PI data.


The only way I have tried to get PI Datalink out of the way is to disable the PI Excel add-ins and then later re-add them.  Adding them later is not so easy because of a known bug, so I have to go into the Registry to reset the DWORD to 3 (found this fix in another thread) - which is just annoying.


Is there another way to temporarily suspend calls to PI while still keeping the add-ins enabled?


I have a large spreadsheet that incorporates PI Datalink and lots of other stuff unrelated to PI.  Everything works fine when our PI historian server is running, but when the server is not connected I have all sorts of issues and long delays related to calls to PI, especially when the sheet is first loaded.  While PI is out of the way, I am ok that the sheet has #NAME? or other errors in it in the PI-dependent cells - they go away when PI Datalink gets turned back on later.


I appreciate any insights or advice the community members might give.