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What can you do with Event Frame variables?

Question asked by jsorrick on Aug 31, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 1, 2017 by JimGavigan

I would like to extract some data from within the event frame. Specifically the value of a variable at the moment the event occurs. In this particular case a temperature. Based on the range of temperature it will be classified as hot,warm or cold. However the evolution ( plant startups) are long and during the event the temperature will go through all the ranges but I want the process book, data link and PI Coresite users to "see" the initial condition for the entire event. A  cold startup is cold from the initial pump start until full production. I am trying to create a easy way for other users to compare all cold starts to determine if one operator has a more consistent duration than the next.


Shorter question might be

Event Frames have what appear to be "private" variables, how do I copy them to public variables? Can a value be captured when the StartTrigger happens?