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Issue with SVG files, which were exported from PI ProcessBook: SVG elements are not clickable in PI Graphic

Question asked by zhumar on Sep 4, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 4, 2017 by jsanchezcolunga

Hi all,

I would like to say, that it looks like PI ProcessBook has some issues with converting to SVG.

Recently, I'v found a solution to a previous issue with SVG - please, read here. Shortly: Please, correct me if I'm wrong, but PI ProcessBook doesn't support the parameter preserveAspectRatio="none" for fixed image size.

Now I have the issue with clickable links.


We have PDI files, where all links (buttons) are working. We have a SharePoint portal, where PI WebParts are installed. Some pages have PI Graphic with imported SVG files, which were converted from PDI files.

So, all links, except random one, aren't working in PI Graphic. But if we will launch it in PI ProcessBook, all things are working.


I'm sure that it can be resolved by adding some parameter to the SVG code, but I don't know how.


So, when I click on the button, it raises an error in a JS script (IE dev console):

function onclick(evt)


button_clickWPQ3('http://piwp/PI System/Documents/PI Graphics/SVG/wells details rev 7.svg');

'button_clickWPQ3' is undefined


But raising of this function via dev console works well.


Please, advice what it could be or how to resolve it?


The server with MS Windows Server 2012 / SharePoint 2013 / PI WebParts 2013 SP3 / PI WebAPI.