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Buffering prevent break PiPoint.ReplaceValues

Question asked by elia-acc on Sep 6, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 8, 2017 by afink



I have two PIAF 2.8.6 client machines :

  • DEV001 : Win10 with VS2107 and a bunch of developer tools
  • USR001 : Win7 with .net framework and Office

I wrote a small console application to delete some values from a pi point within a time range, using the following statement:

var errors = correctablePoint.ReplaceValues(timeRange, new List<AFValue>());

It works as a charm on DEV001, but on USR001 it does nothing and does not report any error.

When I disable the buffering:

var errors = correctablePoint.ReplaceValues(timeRange, new List<AFValue>(), AFBufferOption.DoNotBuffer);

It works on both machines


Consequentially, I have three questions :

  1. What are the dependencies to install on USR001 to have the buffering working (msmq, ?)
  2. Why USR001 doesn’t report errors in the first case ?
  3. What are the consequences to disable the buffering ?



Thanks in advance for you answers.