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I accidently changed an element to a model. How can I change it back? The model disappears if I click on it.

Question asked by TobiasKalmer on Sep 8, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 13, 2017 by TobiasKalmer

As the title already says I tinkered a little bit around with the "convert to" option. At first I wanted to convert an element called "Tanklager (tank plants)" with all its child-elements and attributes to a template and then I wanted to try what converting to "model" does. Now the element with all its child elements and attributes is shown as a model and there is also a new branch called "layers". I still do not know what you can do with the "model" option. But now the AF has some kind of bug: If I right-click or left-click (it doesn't matter) on the now called model "Tanklager" it suddenly disappears. How can I get it back? The element contained quite a lot of child elements and attributes. Thank you very much!