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    PI TimeSpan Web Part to PI Batch connection ?


      I want my users to use the 'time fwd and back' scroll buttons of the TimeSpan Web Part to step through the values of a bunch of PI Gauge Web Parts in 1 minute increments. 


      This is easy enough to do by setting the start and end of the time span manually and at 1 minute difference BUT the data belongs to different 60 minute long batches. 


      So I first want the user to select a batch from a list in the PI BatchTable Web Part and have that automatically set the TimeSpan's start and end time.  BUT the TimeSpan part does not accept incoming connections from other web parts.


      Does anyone have any ideas on how to make use of the TimeSpan scroll feature but first passing in a Batch time context?


      Another thought was to drive the Gauges from the cursor values on a PI Trend part, but that is also not available.


      Thanks - Tony







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          @Tony: sorry you didn't get a more timely reply, most people were out at OSIsoft vCampus Live! 2011 last week...   I'll nudge the PI WebParts folks to see if they have anything to add ;)

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              Tony -


              There's no easy way to do what you're describing. As you note, the PI TimeRange web part cannot consume web part connections. However, the PI TimeRange web part can consume values from the querystring in the URL. With some work, you could take advantage of this by building your own batch search functionality using the Microsoft Form web part and the PI Table web part and PI OLEDB. The results of your search that you display in the PI Table could be formatted to be hyperlinks (you can't do this with PI BatchTable), and the hyperlinks could include a querystring that would pass the start and end times to the PI TimeRange web part.