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Can text be added to the PI Notifications acknowlegement web page?

Question asked by RandyHawley on Sep 6, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 13, 2017 by tmcmanus

We have a number of measurements that are monitored by our DCS that monitor areas of the plant where scientists are working, and we generate Notifications to them when these values experience excursions outside of the desired range.  However, these users are not extremely familiar with the difference between the DCS and the Data Historian, and get confused over the what acknowledging the Notification does vs. acknowledgement of the alarm on the DCS.


I would like to add text to the PI Notifications acknowledgement web page to explain the difference.  I'd like to edit the base web page (Acknowledgment.aspx ?). Is this possible?  Or is my only option to put this information in the delivery format ?


Thank you for your comments !