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Question asked by TimCarmichael Champion on Sep 7, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 15, 2017 by TimCarmichael

Looking to the hive for help...

We have an application written in ACE that processes a series of data files (about one every minute), parses the data and writes values to a series of tags as needed.

Since ACE isn't going to be enhanced beyond its current state, I'm looking for advise on what to replace the application with.


The ACE application uses AF to get contextual data for each element of interest to determine if a value should be written to PI or not, so, a bulk of the data already exists in AF.

The data that is written to the PI tags is used for automated notifications, and, while the data doesn't have to be close to real time, as close as possible would be nice.

Since the custom code for determining the output values exists, it can be re-used in the replacement package.


While it would be nice to have an external calculation engine that could be called from AF (think PI Toolkit on PI 2), as I understand it, that isn't currently available.


So.. what think you on options?