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PI UFL Connector - Duplicate Dynamic Attribute for Element

Question asked by KrunalLokhande Champion on Sep 7, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 11, 2017 by KrunalLokhande

Hi All,


I am facing a issue while implementing PI UFL Connector.

I have a utility which reads data from Sensor server and create a PUT Request to push sensors data to UFL Connector as follows.

" Pro Sensor 5,2,22.6057319641113,37.0673751831055,1.25523006916046 "


I have created a Data Source in UFL Connector as REST Server, which accepts a comma separated string.

This was working fine for few hours, but suddenly it stopped accepting data at PI Points and showing warning in PI Diagnostics log as follows:

" Severity: Warning
  Timestamp: 09/07/2017 09:36:50.766
  Message: [Wireless Tags Sensor] Duplicate dynamic attribute 'Brightness' for 'Pro Sensor 2'".


I am not sure the reason for this issue, or what it is referring. I have attached the INI file for parsing the text.


Thanks in advance for your help.