Sending data from SAP to PI

Discussion created by fabiano.batista on Dec 2, 2011
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Hello everybody,


Most discussions around SAP/PI integration consider the scenario where SAP receives data from PI (PI --> SAP). But I have now a different scenario, where I need to store in PI some data provided by SAP. I found an article explaining how to configure a MII web service, so that I could consume it from a .NET application built for PI ACE. However, I believe that using an "out-of-box" solution (if possible) instead of developing a custom app would be more scalable and easier to maintain.


The presentation "A Roadmap for Real-time Plant Information Integration with SAP" mentions that today's focus is to use PCo (Plant Connector) for a PI/SAP integration project. It was not clear for me if the PCo will allow me to extract values from SAP to be sent to PI (that could be triggered by any SAP event or based on a fixed scan class). Again, all the scenarios there where showing the inverse way (PI --> SAP).


Please let me know if the PI integration with SAP via PCo will provide the functionality that I need. Any suggestion will be appreciated.