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How do I filter out double quotes in the PI UFL Connector .ini file?

Question asked by jimesont on Sep 13, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 13, 2017 by John Messinger

Unfortunately, the input .csv file includes double quotes in the Asset Name field, which I want to use as an AF Attribute name.  The double quotes can occur anywhere in the field. How do I filter them out?

I'm currently trying this method:

AssetName =  ["*,(*),*,*,*,*,*"]


Here are some example rows from the .csv file:

CompId,Asset Name,ID,Data Point Name,Value,Sample Time,Lookup Value

1234A,"Station 1 to Station 2 8""",24992410001,Tank Level,180.1,5/1/2017 22:05,

1234A,"Station 1 to Station 2 8""",24992410001,Tank Level,173.4,5/2/2017 22:23,

1234A,"Station 1 to Station 2 8""",24992410002,Temperature,107.6,5/1/2017 22:05,

4567A,"Station 3 16"" Out",24969660001,Tank Level,501,5/2/2017 7:28,

4567A,"Station 3 16"" Out",24969660002,Temperature,82.4,5/2/2017 7:28,