Getting tag info from Tag Data Reference attributes.

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Second time lucky since it ate the text the first time!


We have a C# function that returns the tagnames associated with each PIPoint data reference attribute of a given AF element. See below

public KeyValuePair[] ReturnElementTagReferences(AFElement e)
    List<> kvpl = new List<>();

    if (e != null)
            foreach (AFAttribute at in e.Attributes)
                if (at.DataReference != null)
                    //PISDK.PIPoint p = (PISDK.PIPoint)at.RawPIPoint;
                    kvpl.Add(new KeyValuePair(at.Name, at.DataReference.ToString()));
                    if (p != null)
                        kvpl.Add(new KeyValuePair(at.Name.ToString(), p.Name.ToString()));
        catch (Exception ex)
            LogMessage("Error ReturnElementTagReferences : " + ex.Message + "\nSource: " + ex.Source + "\n" + ex.InnerException);
            kvpl = null;
    if (kvpl.Count > 0)
        return kvpl.ToArray();
        return null;




This works fine when called from C# but when called from a VB.Net application, it returns tag names of the form




instead of the tag name that we see in C#. Interestingly, in VB the data reference Description property is "Unable to create the PISDK. PI Data References will not function." when called from VB.Net when it says "PI Tag" when called from C#.


Does anyone have any idea what is going on here?


--- Alistair.






We have now created a separate VB.Net application to call this C# function and it works as expected. So it's not a difference between VB and C# but something in the real VB project is screwing this up!