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    PI HA




      We are going to a 2 server PI HA environment in the near future and was wondering if there were any pitfalls to avoid or lessons learned you could share from people who have been through it.


      Our current PI environment is a single server with approx 30 interfaces connected.  We will be going to a dual HA environment with new IP's.  All our server utilize SAN disk.


      One of my biggest question is on the interface side of it.  Do we need to upgrade all our interface software to allow for HA or do we just point the SDK server name to the PI Collective instaead of a specific PI server name.

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          I think I posted this is the wrong forum.  Could you please move it to the "PI System Integration" Forum, or the forum it belongs.

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            Hi Sergio,


            I think you can read Kenneth's post in this thread, where he shared some of his experience of working with a HA server.


            As for your questions, I think whether or not you need to upgrade the interface would really depend on what you have currently. I would say that the main requirement on the interface side after the you move to a HA server is that you need to configure buffer to fan the data to all the PI HA collective members. So you probably will be installing the PI Buffer Subsystem and configuring it appropriately to get it working.


            PI Buffer Subsystem will understand that the server is a collective from the PI SDK setting on the interface node, and automatically know it should fan data to all the collective members. 


            If you need more information, I would recommend that you take a look at the Library section for the documents under the path: vCampus PI Product Kit -> Server Products -> High Availability


            Hope this helps