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Not able to retrieve the Relative path of input attribute while creating analysis with C# programe?

Question asked by pvchaudhari on Sep 15, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 20, 2017 by pvchaudhari

Actually i want to create a analysis with C# program. I am able to create it but it is by default taking absolute path for input attributes, however i want the relative path for all input attribute.

In my code i am constructing the string(Analysis_rule.configstring) as per relative path but still it is taking absolute path.


IN code : @".."+ @"\"+ @".." + @"\Element1\" + Subelement+ "|" + Attribute;   with this string i am expecting the below results in analysis equation:

'..\ ..\Element1\Subelement|Attribute'


In code, the string where i am saving analysis equation is also taking relative path but after writing in AF its take absolute path :  '\Mumbai\Upstream\production\CST\MJ\Filtering\PMC\_cal\Element1\Subelement|Attribute'.

What would be the solution on this?