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Problems to configure PI Vision

Question asked by masant on Sep 18, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 17, 2018 by zburke

Hi everybody!


I've had difficuties to configure PI Vision, in the part refering to allow acess.

When I try to acess PI Vision Administration website, appears the follow message:



You are unauthorized to administer PI Vision.


Well, I follow all the steps from the manual, as you can view in the next screenshots:



I put PI Administrators Group as member as PI Buffering Administrators, as the manual said.



I did the same to PI Vision Admins.



I put All domain users as member of PI Vision Users.



Screenshot from IIS. The identity PISERVER1\Administrador is my domain\user.


PIVisionAdminAppPool_advaced settings.png

PI Vision Adm App Pool


PIVisionServiceAppPool_advaced settings.png

PI Vision Service App Pool



Services PI Web API and PI Web PI Crawler configured.



SQL configurations - server role.



SQL configurations - PI Vision database.



PI Vision database configured using Go.bat


So, I did everything above and I thought if I did it, I could access PI Administrator web, but I cannot do it. I had to configure database using Go.bat.


How can I access PI Administrator web? What I did wrong? Am I forget to configure something?


Thank you!