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Excel AddIn, modify a optional filter expression

Question asked by Chris_Doerrschuck on Sep 17, 2017
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I' am new to PI and now working a little bit with the Excel AddIn, I want to filter for Operation Numbers.

So I used this filter on my Tag: TagVal('A121.K74.OP-Nr_OP.OP')=121 this works, but how can I modify this Filter to take the FillterValue from a Input of a Excel-Cell?Question_01.PNG

For example if I want to take the input from CELL B1 at this part of the Filter TagVal('A121.K74.OP-Nr_OP.OP')='Sheet 1'!$B$1 istead of 121, so if I want to select another Operation I dont want always to modify the Filter expression.

I get a error message "Unrecognized variable 'Sheet 1' in expression.


Does anyone have a clue, how to solve this problem?


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Christopher Doerrschuck