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Requirement to update timestamp but the value will be constant

Question asked by PILearner on Sep 17, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 18, 2017 by jyi

We have a requirement to insert a new value to a tag and after that value will be constant but timestamp needs to be updated, whenever we are checking current value it will show the same value and latest time stamp. This means timestamp needs to be updated regularly. Please find the inputs below.

Tag Name: 100_1041-D-007

Value: FP_ALKYLATE_ALKYLATE_1041-D-007_10-DEC-2015_148060|2015-12-15 09:11:36.770|1041-D-007|2015-12-10 11:44:07.780|A|1140|K|0.53|0.53|mass %|ASTM_D4424|1,3-Butadiene(mass %)|0002|2014-07-08 12:00:48.120|LP-0001/2014|1041-D-007|0|0|U-1021|2015-12-10 11:44:07.780

Timestamp: Current Timestamp


Kindly help me in this requirement.