PISDK - Get annotations from the snapshot

Discussion created by MGendron on Dec 6, 2011
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Hi vCampus,


Got a weird thing going on with the snapshot method. I got some code writing annotations out of a comment field, the user write a comment to save with the new tag value, my code create an annotation to put in the piValue's attributes, then i use updateValue to save that PiValue. That part work fine but the read part don't always get back the annotation objects.


The problem is reproductible. Sometime, as a security requirement, i ask the user to log-in with a specific user. So i close ProcessBook's connection and get a new one through the Login window. Login or no login, i get the latest value for my tag right after through the snapshot method. Without a login, the annotation collection is present in the ValueAttributes of my PiValue. But if the user had to login, the ValueAttributes.count is 0. Then i wait a bit, open my form again without a login and the annotations are back...


Any idea?


Mathieu G.