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Writing Multiple Values at Multiple Timestamps with ACE

Question asked by afontenot on Sep 19, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 19, 2017 by pmartin

I'm fairly new to vb and ACE so forgive any apparent mistakes.


Background: I have two sets of values that I wish to use to generate an output value. One set is calculated daily, the other set is written to pi only on business days through manual logger, and some days there may be multiple values written for multiple times. Becuase of this, I have not found a way to us AF Analyses to write these values to pi without backfilling manually. So I'm trying to use ACE to do this.


Question 1: Am I correct that ACE is the only way to write multiple values at multiple timestamps in a single calculation?


Question 2 (The code): Here is my source code for the ACE calculation (I left out the declarations to minimize the post length). Debug works fine, but Test does produces a calc failed. I'm using some values from af attributes, and other from tags. Ace debug successfully creates two arrays, times and values. At the end of the code I would like it to write each of those time/value sets to PI.


Imports OSIsoft.PI.ACE
Imports PITimeServer
Imports PISDK
Imports OSIsoft.AF
Imports OSIsoft.AF.Asset
Imports OSIsoft.AF.Time

Public Overrides Sub ACECalculations()

        afservers = New PISystems
        afserver = afservers("PISERVEA")
        db = afserver.Databases("mydatabase")
        E1 = db.Elements("\Element1")
        E2= db.Elements("\Element2")
        A1= E1.Attributes("Attribute1)
        A2= E2.Attributes("Attribute2")
        A3= E2.Attributes("Attribute3")

        E4 = db.Elements("\Element4")
        A4= PTestElement6.Attributes("Attribute4")

        E5= db.Elements("\Element5")
        A5= PTestElement7.Attributes("Attribute5")

        E6= db.Elements("\Element6")
        A6= PTestElement8.Attributes("Attribute6")

        E7= db.Elements("\Element7")
        A7= PTestElement9.Attributes("Attribute7")

        E8 = db.Elements("\Element8")
        A8= PTestElement10.Attributes("Attribute8")

         'Get Current Time
        ctime = DateValue(ptime.UtcTime.ToString)

         Loop through the last eight days
     For i = 0 To 7
            If i <> 0 Then
                ctime = ctime.AddDays(-1)
                ptime = ctime.ToUniversalTime
            End If

                    'Evaluate each Attribute to get the most current values timestamps
                      T4 = A4.GetValue(ptime).Timestamp.UtcTime.Date
                      T5 = A5.GetValue(ptime).Timestamp.UtcTime.Date
                      T6 = A6.GetValue(ptime).Timestamp.UtcTime.Date
                      T7 = A7.GetValue(ptime).Timestamp.UtcTime.Date
                      T8 = A8.GetValue(ptime).Timestamp.UtcTime.Date

                    'If all of the input tags have a value at the timestamp to be evaluated, then generate the output values and timestamps
                     If T4 = ctime And T5 = ctime And T6 = ctime And T7 = ctime And T8 = ctime Then
                          A1val = A1.GetValue(ptime).Value
                           'A2 is a formula attribute that sums the values of A4-A8
                          A2val = A2.GetValue(ptime).Value
                          A3val= A3.GetValue(ptime).Value
                          Output(i) = A1* A2/ A3
                          Outputtime(i) = ctime.AddHours(0)
            End If

'This is the section I think may be giving me trouble in the ACE test (It works fine in debug)
'Loop throught the time array and output value array to send each value to PI

        i = 0
For i = 0 To 7
            If Output(i) > 0 Then
                OutpuTag.Value(Outputtime(i)) = Output(i)
            End If

OutputTag.SendDataToPI = False
End Sub



If you have any follow up questions, please let me know. Thanks