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PI Integration with IBM Tririga

Question asked by Mahalet-M on Sep 19, 2017
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We are looking into Integrating PI with IBM Tririga, specifically on how to use PI to submit work orders in Tririga.  I've read some information about using PI Notification 'Web Service' delivery channel to invoke work order submission on a web server.  Based on my basic understanding this is what i read so far: on PI notification delivery endpoint, we'll use a  web service delivery channel to tell it what website to go to, then find a web service on that URL, then specify which method within web service to use, then depending on the method (say in our case to generate a work order), then pass some info (such as Equipment Name, Failure Type, Action to Take etc...).


I have not yet seen what an IBM Tririga system looks like and how work orders are submitted in Tririga.  I'm just doing initial investigation to familiarize myself and research on how work order can be submitted in Tririga before meeting with our Facilities Management stakeholders.


Can anyone provide any information on how OSisoft PI can be used to submit work orders into IBM Tririga please? 


I appreciate any assistance.


Thank you,