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In AF, How to track the movement of an Asset over time?

Question asked by rpashula2 on Sep 19, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 20, 2017 by JJFors

I have built a "Electrical Transmission" AF Model hierarchy.

One Element is a Transformer with Attributes pertaining to the physical geographical location of the transformer.

The issue is that the actual transformer Asset can be retired or moved and replaced with another transformer Asset.

We need to retrieve the time series recorded characteristics of the Asset as it moves from one location to another.


For example, we track the quality of the oil within the transformer but then the transformer is moved to another location and replaced with another transformer. The oil quality Attribute history of the Transformer Element now contains information on the old asset chronologically mixed with information on the new asset. Doing a long term analysis of the Transformer's oil quality at that location would no longer make sense.


Has anyone had to track the movement of an asset?