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Link click from embedded PI Vision/Coresight

Question asked by anandk on Sep 20, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 24, 2017 by anandk

Hi all,

I have a Coresight display embedded inside an IFrame on a webpage. What I am after is that a link click on the Coresight display to navigate the parent window (main browser window) to the url provided.

I know in PI Vision when adding a 'Navigation Link', you can set the option to 'open in new tab' but doesn't have provision to navigate the parent window.

Am not sure if it is achievable. Maybe it is via using some java-scripting or using extensibility. I would prefer not to create a custom extension as then this functionality will only apply to this custom symbol and not to any other standard symbols on the display to which we may want to apply the same functionality to.


Any help/suggestions will be highly appreciated.