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    PI TreeView webpart as Consumer




      I've found many samples that shown PI TreeView webpart as Provider, but none as Consumer. We need do the following:

      1. Obtain particular ID from URL.
      2. Find AFElement by this ID
      3. Provide path to this AFElement to TreeView webpart to show navigation tree

      Currently we've done tasks (1) and (2), but cannot figure out, which particular interface should be implemented to provide data to TreeView webpart (I interested in 'Root Node' connection).


      Can somebody help me? Thank you!

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          Sergey -


          You can connect the root node of the PI TreeView web part to a querystring parameter in the URL, but it has to be an AF Element path. In the next major release of PI WebParts, we are adding the ability to connect the root node to other web parts.



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              Asle Frantzen



              You could easily implement your desired functionality through javascript code - put directly into a Sharepoint Content Editor webpart.


              Add the Content Editor webpart, set it to be entirely invisible, and then collect the AF Element path based on the ID. After that all you have to do is redirect the user to the same page - or another page - with the correct querystring parameter which PI Treeview will understand.


              Check this thread for more details: