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Insufficient Prviliges to udpate AF Elements need info on AF Secutiry Hierarchy

Question asked by GandhiPrakash on Sep 22, 2017
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We have custom built application written on PI Process Book to Help user update the PI AF Attributes.

Following is our element Hierarchy. Our Identity and permission given at each levels. PI_AF_Admin


P_Element1 -->(PI _AF_ADMIN having read only access)

                        Child1 --->(PI _AF_ADMIN having read only access)

                                        Child2 --->(PI _AF_ADMIN having read/Write access) - cboWorks.Value

                                              Child3 --->(PI _AF_ADMIN having read/write access) - cboBed.Value


This identity (PI _AF_ADMIN) when trying to update the Attribute at Child2 from the Following code we are getting Insufficient privileges.

obj_afaccess.UpdateBedAttribute(af_server, strUserName, strPwd, af_database, cboWorks.Value, cboBed.Value, "Last GAC Install Date", CDate(DTPicker1.Value))


Can you please help what is going wrong.


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