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    Manual entry for EventFrame data from Vision Events tab

    Paurav Joshi

      Hello All,


      We have sample even-frame template as follows which contains enumeration set in it:


      We can see event-frames and add comments (annotations) from Events tab:


      Can we add/edit enumeration set attribute of event-frame (highlighted) via custom symbol or any?


      Use case is:

      Event frames have been created for particular conditions. Like reason code, the operator wants to add the particular reason of the event from Enum set with comments on it.



      Paurav Joshi

        • Re: Manual entry for EventFrame data from Vision Events tab

          Hi Paurav,


          I don't know of any native way to add or edit the enum in this view but you can definitely do some customization to your "Comments" pane to allow it.  The code for the comment pane in Scripts/app/editor/eventdetails. You'll want to use the PI Web API to make the changes to the attribute.  Keep in mind that you're making this change for all comment panels so if you introduce any errors or poorly optimized code you will effect performance globally.

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