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In AF, suggestions on modelling connectivity between "nodes"

Question asked by rpashula2 on Sep 22, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 23, 2017 by skwan

I have built a "Electrical Transmission" AF Model hierarchy.

At a simplistic level, a transmission Line connects one substation to another substation. These substations can be considered nodes.

In my hierarchy, a line element exists for one end of the line. Another line element in another substation represents the other end of the same line. Both use the same element name to match.

Question 1: In an application, if I select the line at one substation, how do I quickly find the other substation at the other end of the line? Any suggested design changes are appreciated.

Question 2: Can AF Model Ports be used for this solution. i.e. to quickly find the other end of the Line connection? i.e. undirected Port == Line. Source and Destination are the substations