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AngularJS "ng-click" no update

Question asked by HansBleijendaal on Sep 25, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 25, 2017 by Roger Palmen

I am a new-bee in angularJS programming.

I created an application that fetches the snapshotvalues from 10 Integer points from the PI-Archive. The page loads with the 10 snapshot values but whatever I try, the refresh button to does not work like I expect.

It is all pretty straitforward and standard code, see attachments...


What I found out that it has todo with the cached-data: when de debugger in IE-browser is activate I get updates when i pudh the refresh button: Apparently the browser disables the cache.

Another is when I add a timestamp to the webApiCall then I get also data, see code snippet. THis tricks Angular because the URL is everytime different.



    piWebApiHttpServiceFactory.getSnapshotValue = function (webId) {


        return $http.get(serviceBase + 'streams/' + webId + '/value?t=' + Date()).then(function (response) {

            return response; 




My conclusion is that AngularJS does not get new data when the URL is not changed. But even when the URL does not change I want a refresh because the data can be changed.

My question is: How to force Angular to get always the data, even when the url does not change...


Attached: 3 application files.