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Set Annotate Secuirty right

Question asked by mikespath on Sep 30, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 5, 2017 by yyang

We interface with the AF database in our application through the AF SDK exclusively, our application logs in users from the windows active directory, these users will be setup with rights to our application via our specific application code so the appropriate user level are created. There is a section of our application that deals with acknowledging event frames. If a user that is not part of the built in administrators group, they cannot acknowledge any event frame.


This issue is solved by adding the user to the identity mapping of the Administrators group, so 1.) I'm looking through the AF SDK help file to see examples of how to do this and could use some guidance. But 2.) instead of adding each user to this identity, I'm wondering how to simply just check off the Annotate box for the World, do that once when we install the application and be done with it but I don't know how to set that via the SDK, there seems to be no Access Rights Value string for Annotate, see attached file and this link for explanation of the security codes.