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Problem using FindElementsByPath in ACE-code

Discussion created by Asle Frantzen Champion on Dec 8, 2011
Latest reply on Dec 15, 2011 by Lonnie Bowling

I'm having a few difficulties debugging an ACE calculation.


I'm using AF-SDK in an ACE calculation, and haven't had any problems with this previously. I'm developing this on a pc which did NOT have the AF-SDK installed, and I just copied the dll's into PIPC\AF\Public Assemblies. I then registered the calculation and moved the files to the ACE server and this ran without problems.


At the moment I have actually installed the AF-SDK into my Visual Studio pc, and I'm just opening the same calculation for edit. When I do a normal "build" command in Visual Studio I don't get any errors, but when trying to debug or test this I now get the following error:






I can't even debug into the ACECalculations() method where this line is located, before the debugger halts:



If (AFElement.FindElementsByPath(afAttributePaths, Nothing, afErrors).Count = 1) Then
                    myAttribute = AFElement.FindElementsByPath(afAttributePaths, Nothing, afErrors).First.Attributes(AF_Attribute_Path.Split("|")(1))



Any ideas what could cause this? (Not sure If I included all details here, but give a shout if there are other details you want)