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Analysis service calculates different output than Preview - what's the cause

Question asked by Roger Palmen on Sep 27, 2017
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Hi All,


Yes, i know that the Preview can return different results than the analysis service for various reasons (KB: Request Rejected ), but i am quite certain these don't play a role.


My case: i want to calculate the number of seconds that a certain situation lasts. I do that in two steps:

  1. Create a boolean that toggles from false to true, driven by an analysis
  2. Create a periodic analysis (60 seconds) to calculate the # of seconds that the boolean has changed from false to true

Why a periodic analysis? Because i want my display to update. If i would run this event-triggered i would only get an updated value at the end of the condition.



The boolean runs event-triggered and produces the following data:



Next i have an analysis:


Which in preview calculates the exact number of seconds:



But the analysis, running every minute produces these results:



So what / why? I looks like the SecSinceChange in the Analytics service runs on interpolated data? Did not see that in the documentation...


PS: running latest AF 2017SP2