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SNMP and OIDs problem!

Question asked by emosegue on Sep 28, 2017
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Dear colleagues,


My name is Emanuel and I work in Oil & Gas industry. Actually i'm working on a monitoring project but i have a little problem with data collecting and maybe someone can help me.
We have remote locations with different hardware pieces, like a PLC/RTU, electrical signals (diagnostic),servers and radios. When i explore the different data by SNMP and i can get some utility data but the problem is the OID variation between devices.
For example, if i can get the total Ram memory I need 3 OIDs to calculate this value, but the OIDs (ids) are not static, depends the number of hdd partitions and more... This make a problem with the TAG mapping

I need treat dynamically for replicate in different locations, some idea?


Thanks a lot!