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    AF data summary




      What would be the best practice for retreiving Min/Max/Average/Current value from a PI Point attribute in AF?


      We need to give some information like in Coresight and Processbook when you leave you cursor on a trend and you get this little summary screen.


      So, can we do that with AF SDK without duplicating the attributes and changing the TimeRange supported method?


      Or do we have to use the PI SDK to do that?







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          Ahmad Fattahi

          You may want to be a little patient. Here is what the PI ProcessBook roadmap says for the upcoming release of PI ProcessBook 2012 scheduled for the first quarter of 2012:


          "... There is also additional support for the Asset Framework (AF) element attributes that reference PI Tags, including statistics and annotations."

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              For now your best bet would be to (indeed) have multiple attributes with different PIPoint DataReference configurations for the different summary types.

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                  Børre Heggernes

                  I'm having the same question as Francois.


                  So, Michael, if I do as you suggest, what PIPoint DataReference configurations would give me an average 06 - 06 for the previous day?


                  I've tried the "Time range override" with relative time set to: t+6h-1d


                  That seems to be close, but the value is not constant, it changes slightly with each refresh

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                      Børre Heggernes

                      ...or, how do I express the same in a PI OLEDB Enterprise query?

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                          Unfortunately you will have to stick with what Ahmad and Michael suggested for now - that is, configuring separate AF Attributes. The fact that your PI Point Data Reference configuration is "close but not quite there" is a different topic and I think it is important we get to the bottom of it (most likely a Tech Support issue though, rather than a vCampus one).


                          We say "for now" because there are important enhancements coming into the AF SDK, in a not-too-distant future. Specifically, I am talking about what has been referred to as "Rich Data Access" in a few other discussion threads here on vCampus. And these changes will enable other products based on AF SDK (including PI OLEDB Enterprise) to provide richer access to data over time, including things like summaries.