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Question asked by MartyWerner on Oct 2, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 2, 2017 by cdekeyser

I have a list of values coming over from a SQL database that I want to display as stings to the end user. My first thought was a digital dataset but when I attempt to build it I have to start with 0 and work up 1 value at time. However, the set of data that is coming across is not an evenly space set of results. Below is a subset of what I am talking about.


119 - Dilute

120 - Modified Dilute

121 - Modified

154 - 1A

194 - Neg


As you can see I need to start with 119 and I have 73 different values that range from 119 to 675. Is it possible to set this up? Do I just have to have multiple blanks to fill in the gaps?

0 - Spare

1 - Spare



119 - Dilute