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How to Force Collection Symbols to be updated when StencilSymbols.Configuration is changed?[PIVision Custom Extension]

Question asked by NyameyeO on Sep 28, 2017
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I am currently developing a custom PI Vision Extension(s), this symbol is part has the support collections flag enabled, and the functionality works perfectly.


It is a requirement of the symbol for a simple Boolean value in defaultConfig to be changed, however as there could (and will) be a large number of these collections on the display, it is not viable for the user to have to toggle this flag in Edit Mode in the config for each and every collection. As such I developed another button symbol which goes through each of my custom symbols and changes the value of this Boolean, and if the symbol is a collection, checks if it contains my custom symbol and again changes the value of this Boolean.


I've done this via a workaround injecting the displayProvider, and it works for the non-collected Symbols. In addition, if I view the collections StencilSymbols.Configuation for my symbol, the value has also been updated here, however it appears the actual symbol in the collection does not update as if the value had changed. Interestingly, if I right-click "Modify Collection", and wait for a data update, the symbol functions as expected. Therefore I know this is possible somehow, but I cannot figure out how to force this update without entering "Modify Collection".


If anyone with more experience in custom collections could please help, I would be extremely thankful.


Thanks in advance!