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AF Database Backup utilizing AFExport to XML

Question asked by JJFors on Sep 29, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 29, 2017 by jhim

As part of an implementation project I was asked to review backup procedures for our AF-Databases.  Our SQL Server is supported by the SQL Support team which does a typical SQL Database backup of the PIFD database.  If we need a recovery of a particular AF-Database a recovery of PIFD would set each AF-Database back to the Backup point in time. 

If I script the use of AFExport utility to create XML files(library and elements) for each of the AF-Databases then put the XML files into SourceSafe or other Code Management System, I would be able to recover any or each of the AF-Databases to the version out of CMS.  My Question is would this suffice to replace the SQL level backup or would something be missing from my recovery.


Thanks John Fors