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Static timestamp in PI coresight/vision 'v' webparts

Question asked by caffreys_col on Oct 5, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 9, 2017 by Roger Palmen

Hello everyone,


Simple question - can I fix the timestamp of a value in a coresight display? I've not used coresight before and my senior managers are asking questions I can't answer. They have heard about PI Coresight (oops PI Vision) and they think it is the grand cure for all their needs.


They currently have a status update page in SharePoint but it's quite clunky (PI data into an Excel sheet, create graphs, which are then saved as HTML and displayed in a HTML webpart) so they want a more "slick" way of displaying it. I have suggested PI WebParts but the IT guys are a bit hesitant as they don't want to fill the SharePoint server up with "clutter"; the SharePoint server is used for our European operations so covers quite a number of offices, and IT want to keep it as steamlined as possible.


Coresight is what we are thinking of using to replace the status page, and embedding a display within a HTML webpart (not what I'd do, but that's what IT will allow). Part of that display requires static data (yesterdays/last months production, etc) and I need to know if putting a static timestamp in ('y', bom(*) -10m, etc) is possible.


Any help much appreciated!