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PIML won't embed in PI Vision custom symbol

Question asked by kbobeck on Oct 3, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 23, 2017 by kbobeck

I'm using the 'embed webpage' custom symbol from GitHub to embed PI Manual Logger so values can be entered directly into PI.

PI-Vision-Custom-Symbols/Community Samples/OSIsoft/embedWebPage at master · osisoft/PI-Vision-Custom-Symbols · GitHub


Note: I realize there is a Custom Symbol for pushing multiple values to PI. However, it doesn't allow sorting or removing of elements from the symbol and I don't have the time to add these features.


I followed the instructions from How to add a Coresight 2016 (HTML5) display into a SharePoint Page viewer web part...   and then also went to %PIHOME%PIPC\Piml.Web\web.config, changing "X-FRAME-OPTIONS" to value="ALLOW", saved my changes, and then ran the command iisreset from an administrative command prompt. However, I'm still getting an error because the symbol is trying to append the URL to my PIVision address (i.e., https://PIServer/PIVision/PIServer/piml.web versus https://PIServer/piml.web).


Neither setting states "same origin" and I've also tried doing "ALLOW-FROM https://PISERVER", but no luck.


Any assistance would be appreciated!