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Timeout on RPC or System call

Question asked by AshwinCheela on Oct 4, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 5, 2017 by nifernando

Hello Community,


We recently migrated PI Server to New machine. but after moving it to new machine. we are frequently receiving "Timeout RPC error" from different machines

like, we have BizTalk server which connects to PI and AF Server to fetch data from SQL tables, this is coming intermittently.

and I am noticing same issue in PI Server itself. we have Excel installed in PI Server, whenever I am trying to publish my tags using excel, I am getting this below error



SDK Version

As per above KBarticle all services are in use.


CPU and Memory usage, as shown below

Could anyone please suggest me, what to check and where would be the issues



After our migration we haven't updated license key.



please share your inputs and suggestions to investigate on this issue.


Thank you