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Difference in the Visualization by ProcessBook ERD imported in PI Coresight

Question asked by Lorenzo.vento on Oct 4, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 4, 2017 by jswartzentruber

Hi everybody


I'm facing with some minor differences / gaps by importing PB Element Relative Displays in PI Coresight.


I have an AF Structure representing a Room Monitoring System composed principally by sensors inside rooms.


Floor 1

     Room 1

          Sensor 1

          Sensor 2

     Room 2

          Sensor 3

     Room 3

          Sensor 4

          Sensor 5


I build in PB an ERD for the sensors, showing up some property of the selected sensor and the related process values (Present Value, Set Point, Threshold Values, ...) linked to the PI Point thorugh the AF Attributes.


1. One of the property that I would like to display is related to the Parent of the sensor (in this case a "room"). In ProcessBook I used the syntax "E...|Description" to get the desired attributes from the parent element of the selected sensor. Everythink worked fine. Unfortunately this syntax is not unterstood by PI Coresight, which is showing "No Data". Unfortunately I was not able to figure out the correctly syntax in order to point the parent element of the selected item. Is there a solution or does I have to implement the reference in the AF?


2. All the process values are represented into a Trend always using relative element. I was really surpised and happy to realize, that also using AF Attributes, the trend in the PB is able to show the description of the linked PI Point instead of the description of the AF Attribute. That's great, because in this case the description in the trend is changing according to the selected element. Unfortunately, importing the PB Display in PI Coresight, I realized that this functionality is not kept, as PI Coresight shows the descripton of the AF Attribute. Due to the fact that all my sensors are instanced from an element template, they have all the same attribute's descripton. This results in a trend, that shows always the same description for all sensors. Is there a solution to keep the functionality in the PI Coresight as it is in the ProcessBook?



As I said, they are only minor issues / difference. But it make me sad to see a nice display be degrated.


Hope that my description was understandable.

Thank you in advance for your help.