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    SCADA System Integration


      I have a scada system that uses DNP object 40 as the analog control. I want to integrate the PI Server to send output tags to update values in my SCADA system. The PI DNP3 interface documentation does not describe DNP object 40( it states it as Analog Output Status). The PI documentation seems to infer that the only way to send output tags is through DNP object 41(Analog Output Block).


      The documentation also seems to infer that status tags must be digital states which conflicts with what I want the the interface to achieve.


      I need to update values in my scada system by sending an update value from PI through DNP object 40. They can not be digital state sets.


      Any way around this?

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          @Aaron: sorry if the forum name led to confusion, but we aren't exactly referring to this kind of integration - rather the integration of the system with other systems (ERP, BI, reporting, CMMS, etc.). Your question is a PI Interface question and you will most likely get better and more timely answers from our regular Technical Support team. Maybe some folks here have experience around the PI DNP3 Interface and will chime in, but your best bet is to give a shout to our very supportive tech support team