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Migrated to higher PI version, ready for changeover, but someone accidently added a test-tag to the old server. Redo everything???

Question asked by djorkaef on Oct 6, 2017
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We are following a migration process from PI 3.4.375 32 bit (Rockwell historian 2.2) to PI 3.4.385 64 bit (Rockwell Historian 3.0) to Rockwell Historian 5.0.

I know this is a Rockwell Historian but since their support lacks knowledge and this is a native PI question, maybe you can help me.


Actually we succeeded in upgrading everying to Historian 5.0 in a parallel system, keeping all configuration files, data and so on. Finished.

We were just waiting to put in in production and copy the latest production archives, next week.


Now some guy accidently added a test-tag to the production PI Server and this is logging in the production archives.

The archives we want to migrate in 1 week to the new historian.


Question off course is: will we need to redo the full migration, or can we still link those archives to the new historian, even if there are test-points added (data not needed at all) in those archives that don't exist on the new historian?

Can we have some mismatch there? And even if it works, and later on, we add new points to the new historian, could they get the same pointid/Recno as the points that were previously added in the old historian, therefor causing things to crash?


This is 1 week work to redo (several OS upgrades and so on) I prefer not to : O


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