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UP and Down Arrow based on level in PI Processbook

Question asked by jainc_paresh on Oct 10, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 11, 2017 by Asle Frantzen

Hello Team,


Greetings for the day!


I have a requirement to show an up or down arrow based on the flow. As shown in the scren shot below:



i.e if our flow is positive we show up arrow and if it is negative we show down arrow.


Currently, we are acheving this using 2 different up and down arrow, on top of these arrows we are just putting box based on condition meet (because we cannot provide multi-state directly to the arrow because the border of the arrow is still visible, hence we are putting box on top of our arrow).


My question is, Is there any direct way to acheive my requirement with single object that if level is +tive we show UP arrow and if Level is -tive we show down arrow.


Note: I have to publish this display in Sharepoint as PI Graphics webpart, so can't use script.


Thanks in Advance.