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    More efficient way to get multiple tag values at multiple timestamps?


      I already use AFAttributeList.GetValue() to get a set of AFValues for a set of tags at a given timestamp.

      The problem is that I have to repeat this for the same set of tags at many different timestamps. The set of tags is usually small < 20 or so, and the set of timestamps could be in the 1000's or more (even up to 500,000), so I end up calling this function 1000's of times.

      I am writing the value data out to a file that is a standard format, so doing it this way allows me to write the data the way it needs to be written, but having to call it 1000's of times is causing a performance/speed issue.

      Is there any other way to do this - perhaps in a single call with an array of timestamps for each tag in the AFAttributeList?


      Thank you.