"Error occured during import" using PI System Explorer

Discussion created by stanasse Employee on Dec 9, 2011
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Hello vCampus


I would like to use the xml import/export feature of AF but I have having a few problems.


1. I would like to export an AFElement to xml, make an edit, then import the change. However, I receive an error. Here are the steps to reproduce using the PI System Explorer:


1. Create an AF Element named 'Test' and add a string AF attribute named 'test_attribute' with the value of "Hello"
2. Check in changes
3. Export the AF Element and save the file as test.xml
4. Edit test.xml and change the value of "Hello" to be "Hello There"
5. Select File | Import test.xml and uncheck 'Allow Create'


An error message occurs:
"Error occured during import near 'Name' while processing Database 'SPWR'. Could not find AFElement 'Test' and the create option was not specified.


I have the same problem with two different AF systems:
AF Server with AFSDK
AF Server with AFSDK


What do I have to do in order to successfully import xml to edit an AFElement?